Texas blogger Amber Massey says date nights are essential for building a close relationship.

Couples often get caught up in the challenges of life and may feel like they don’t have the time or money to go on a date.  In recent comments, Amber Massey warns couples that they need to view date night as a necessity and not a luxury. As a family blogger with five kids, she knows just how difficult and busy life can get. Her comments included tips for budget-friendly date nights.

She often posts sweet couple pictures with her husband Jordan of their own date nights. In October, she posted on Instagram, “Dallas date night in October:: corn dogs, funnel cake, and frozen margs with Big Tex🎡 #statefairoftexas.” In November, she posted a picture with her husband, writing, “Cheers to a cozy weekend in the woods🤍putting the kids down and hitting the hot tub with a glass of rosé🥂what’s your idea of a “perfect” date night??

She notes that having a planned time together is an integral part of strengthening the important bond of marriage. “We tend to think our kids come first in most things,” Amber Massey says. “But, keeping our bond strong as a couple is also something we do for the kids. Our friendship is what makes it easier to be honest and open with each other. When we set aside that time for ourselves, we are able to connect on a deeper level. We have to take these moments and make them happen, or life would just sweep them aside. We would never have enough time or money if we let the excuses get in the way.”

She notes that not all date nights have to be expensive or complex. Some of her favorite ideas include:

  • Enjoying a favorite drink and conversation at home after the kids are in bed.
  • Going to a favorite inexpensive bar or restaurant after dropping the kids off with a grandparent.
  • Take a walk around the block or at a local park while the kids do something else.
  • Playing a two-person board game or card game while after the kids are in bed.
  • Building a fire in a fire pit or fireplace that you can enjoy after the kids are asleep.

“Getting a sitter is great but not necessary for a successful and meaningful date night,” Amber Massey explains. “The most important elements are that you are doing something out of your typical routine, you both enjoy the activity and your kids are not in the center.” She notes that date nights are even more important if you both feel stressed and pressed for time. At the end of the day, these regular events should be about spending some quality time together and keeping life from interrupting that bond.

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