Stickers to help you with brand promotion

Stickers play an important role in product promotion and identification. If you want your event or business to get recognized by people, you can make use of beautiful stickers. It increases the look of the product packaging and also has a positive impact on busy customers. The sticker design, [รับออกแบบสติ๊กเกอร์ which is the term in Thai] types, shapes, and styles should be considered when designing the sticker as they can play an important role in branding and marketing.

Most commonly used stickers

  • Logo stickers – In order to make a long-lasting impression of the brand on the customer’s mind, you can give the logo a custom touch. You can hand over these long lasting and durable stickers to the customers as giveaways and can also stick them on the materials that are used for promotion in order to create a better impact.
  • Photo stickers – For business promotion or for building your brand image in the marketplace, you can convert all your favorite photos into stickers. Photo stickers can be easily pasted on the lockers, mugs, invitation envelopes, laptops, wine bottles, and fridge. They will not only stick strongly but also can be removed easily. It is the best way to expand your brand reach.
  • Bumper stickers – You can make use of the bumper stickers when you have a message to convey to a maximum number of people. Every single bumper sticker is basically printed in full color in order to convey the humorous, commercial, secular, and religious messages. Businesses can get a sticker designed with a personal message in any color and shape and get them pasted on trucks, cars, and business vehicles to let the people read it and promote their brand.
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