How to Pledge a Car on finance

When you face any need to rearrange funds at very short notice, assets owned by you can come in handy. Instead of liquidating your asset like your car, you can Pledge a Car on finance [รับจำนำรถยนต์ติดไฟแนนซ์, which is the term in Thai]. Arranging your finances on the basis of the security of the asset is possible and comes without any hassle. All you are likely to do is, find a lender, which can be a company and consult about the cost and interest rates. During that time, you need to maintain your car to get a good cash return. The cash depends on the condition of the car and the age it. You are likely to get more cash if your car is new or a few years old and is well-maintained.

Pledge on finance

If you decide to pledge your car on finance, you need to provide all the documents and keep them ready with every detail. If your documents are not proper, it can be assumed as a violation of the law. Also, it becomes difficult to get a pledge in many places. However, you can get things done easily if you consult a reputed company with maximum satisfied customers. Also, you can get a cost-effective car pledge and keep your car in safe hands. Reputed companies can provide you with a safety guarantee with a good parking lot. You can avail of the service from any part of the country without carrying any burden and getting extra headaches. your car is an asset after all, and you cannot hand it over to any lender, therefore choose wisely.

Cheaper interest rates

The most important and attractive part of the entire car pledge is its interest rates. The interest rates are much cheaper as compared to other loans and personal loans. Also, the repayment option that you can get is an easy and less burden option as it can go from one year to five years, which will be enough for you to repay. Also, you only have to pay around 14-15% in a year which can bring you much peace with the process.

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