An Introduction to Powder Coating Gun Features

Powder coating is a dry finishing process with a free-flowing mechanism of thermoset powder material instead of a liquid suspension. The powder is thereafter applied to the surface and allowed to dry and harden in a protective coating. Generally, the powder is applied with the help of an electrostatic spray deposition into a metal surface that has an electrical ground. Apart from that, the Powder Coating Gun Features are many. The gun is convenient, reliable and has a consistent performance. The other features comprise delivering an increased transfer efficiency by providing excellent results in any wide variety of coating situations. Moreover, the coating parameters can be selected and stored in programs that too within the controller of the gun, making it more convenient to use.

The essentials to know

If you decide to buy one such coated gun, you need to know certain essentials that is the limitations as well as the benefits of using powder coating. It has its limitations in the form of cost. The start-up cost is greater, but if you plan to keep it for the long run, it can be cost-effective as well.  Besides, the range of suitable materials is less along with difficulty in producing a thinner and even coating. On the other hand, the benefits are many, including less environmental impact, more efficient drying and curing process followed by a greater material utilization. 

Things to keep in mind

Before you buy a powder-coated gun, you need to know whether you want it for the long term or the short term. If you have it for the long-term, it can be beneficial for you due to its cost-effectiveness in the long run. The reason behind long-run cost-effectiveness is its durability and an increase in the strength of the material. On the other hand, if you have it for the short term, you may have to invest in a lot of capital. Also, keep in mind that you buy the gun from a renowned company to get the best quality product and services.

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