The Tezos Wallet you should have before investing in it

First, we should know that what is Tezos and how it is different. Tezos is a blockchain network, and its single token is called Tez. Tezos does not depend on a mining system as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It works on a proof of stake model.

In 2017 Tezos got a great ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of $232 million in a fundraiser. Switzerland’s non-profit organization provided it. This ICO is considered to most significant ICO in 2017 where cryptocurrency was in the news.

Tezos is different from every other cryptocurrency as it follows a democratic model called ‘community consideration’ protocol. According to this protocol, if holders want to change the contract or anything related to tokens. If stakeholders are ready, the change is implemented, and developers get compensated.

Tezos or (XTZ) can be obtained by the help of the exchange wallets; these are the wallets that can exchange your money for cryptocurrencies at a substantial fee.

But once you get the Tez or Tezos, you need a wallet to manage it, and that is Tezbox ico Wallet, there are many types of wallets in the market such as: –

  • Hardware Wallet: – These are wallet which stores your tokens in a physical device such as a USB stick or a hard drive. It comes with a high-security option as it is only available to hackers when you want to transact. When you want to exchange the money, you have to put in a computer with the internet and fill in your pin, and you can transfer the tokens.
  • Software Wallet: – There are many apps or desktop apps that can help us store the tokens and exchange them. This software wallet comes with an online interface or desktop app or mobile app. The cool thing about them is that you can access it anywhere you want. But it comes at a price you are open to hackers all the time.
  • Paper Wallet:– There are many paper wallets it means that a software will print out or generate your token information, and you could take a print out. It can be used for the exchange it is a secured option for the hackers as you have a physical copy and are not under the eyes of hackers worldwide.

The question of the hour is which wallet you should get: – 

If you are looking for a wallet available on nearly every platform and could connect to every hardware wallet, then TezBox is for you

TezBox: – Tezbox ico comes up with great GUI (Great User Interface) and with some great features. It is available on every platform like Windows, macOS, Android, and soon on iOS and Linux. It stores your key safely, and it can be linked to some great hardware wallets such as Trezor Model T and Ledger Nano S, and in case you lost your keys, you can always have the backup on your phone. If your developer, you can easily link your DApps with your Tezbox account.

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