Law of Success – Part III

Thanks for visiting the final outcome of the special three part series commemorating the twenty-first century Edition of Napoleon Hill’s landmark work, “Law of Success,” which reveals 17 Concepts of Success that will help bring your career and existence one stage further. They are proven concepts according to Hill’s twenty five years of research personally staring at the lives well over 500 from the world’s finest achievers.

Law of Success Part I and Part II covered the very first 11 of those concepts. (To see Part I and Part II, visit: Law of Success Part III will conclude using the remaining 6 of those valuable, time-tested concepts which will help you flourish in every area of the existence. Enjoy:

Principle # 12: Concentration

“Concentration is the action of focusing your brain on the given desire until methods because of its realization happen to be labored out and effectively put in operation.” – Napoleon Hill

Within this chronilogical age of mass communications, we’re starting to face a worldwide epidemic of mass distraction that’s becoming harmful – and perhaps lethal. (The increasing pedestrian and automobile driver deaths because of the host of electronic distractions is simply one sad example).

The Weapons of Mass Distraction open to us are simply overwhelming: email, mobile phones, pagers, texting, game titles, Gps navigation navigational systems, game titles, DVD players, TV, web cameras, blackberries, faxes, ipods, and also the explosion of social networks, simply to name a couple of. (When used intelligently these power tools could be effective, however when used ineffectively, they become things i call, “Weapons of Mass Distraction!”

For concentration to work, Hill maintains that it’s very important to maintain your mind centered on ONE subject until you have mastered it to pay attention to ONE given problem until you have solved this problem.

Things I find helps is beginning an activity with instant energy and enthusiasm that will supply the momentum to accomplish the job effectively. Just watch Olympic sprinters at the beginning of a race and you will know what i’m saying.

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