Do you need fast money? Then, you are in luck as we have compiled a list of items pawnbrokers always love to buy. So, if you have any of these items lying around at home, then you are in luck to negotiate a sale.

Pawnshops Always Buy Jewellery

One fast way to get cash is to sell your authentic jewellery to a pawnshop. Yet, not your costume jewellery as it will not fetch a high price unless it is a designer piece. But go ahead and take that diamond, gold, platinum, or silver piece to bring in a hefty sum.

Yes, good quality jewellery is the first thing a pawnbroker looks for. The better quality pieces you have, the easier it is for them to sell to a person looking for a good deal. Hence, if you are going through a divorce, keep that ring to offload it at the local pawn shop for a quick buck.

The same applies if you inherited jewellery, not from a relative or someone you were not very close to. Take it to have it appraised at a pawnshop in Brisbane today. Even if your gold pieces are not in great shape, it is not a problem as precious metals and gemstones are worth selling as scrap.

The dealer can have it melted down to make other valuable pieces. So, if you have precious jewellery, you are headed for an early payday.

Designer Pieces

Yes, fashion comes and goes, but one thing remains designer fashion pieces. Like a Louis Vuitton monogram item is in and out fast in the popularity world but remains a sought after commodity. The same goes for Chanel.

Like the iconic Boy Bag, it always fetches a pretty penny. However, if you look after your designer items, you can get great prices at your pawnshop for them. If it is well taken care of they are worth more. So while they will not bring in as much cash as selling gold jewellery, you can still get fast money.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

These are a girl’s best friends and the pawnbrokers as well. You can get some quick cash selling your diamonds or precious stones to a pawnbroker. Whether it is in a jewellery setting, there is always a person who wants to purchase them for a pretty penny. If you are uncertain if they are authentic or do not know the value, a pawn dealer will have them appraised for you. Then, they will make you an offer based on the gem as it never goes out of style.

Sell Your Watch

Luxury watches like Rolex are in significant demand at pawnbrokers. Like your luxury designer jewellery and fashion, it can fetch a good amount of money at a pawnshop. Many people look at a pawn dealer to find a quality 2nd hand timepiece like a Rolex. As a watch enthusiast, you already know how high the price was when you bought yours. Depending on how well it is looked after, you can get a good chunk of it back by selling it to a pawnshop.

Sell Your Prized Possessions to a Pawnbroker

You have many reasons why you can sell your gold jewellery and gemstones to designer fashion at a pawn shop. When you take it to a pawnbroker, they will always value your items to give you an offer you cannot resist. The best part is you walk out with cash in hand.

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