Having trouble managing HR Compliance in your Organization? HRIS Software Is The Solution

When it comes to staffing and employee management, an enterprise/organization has to take initiatives at many phases throughout the year. First, HR Compliance plays a significant role in assuring that the business and employees operate according to the Employment law and the Government’s policies. For the most part, a business that runs in the absence of HR Compliance runs under the risk of unintentional breach of law(s) and, as a consequence, may suffer criminal charges. Hence, businesses started hiring HR compliance experts to ensure that nothing goes wrong. However, a specialist can cost you thousands of dollars per month. So, is it worth it? Well! No. 

Indeed, how effective would it be if you have an automatic software to check whether your staff is working within the standards set by the law? We present HRIS software that acts as the primary human resource management business application with a complete package. You heard us, right! HRIS mobile App consists of multiple tools and features that help you to overcome several employment barriers. So, whether you have a single workplace/office or hold offices at different locations, HRIS targets your business’s entire structure and ensures that none of your employees go beyond the limits set by the law(s) and policies. 

Here’s a glimpse of how HRIS (Human Resource Information System) works:

Instant Notification or Update Alert

HRIS acts as an alarm clock every time the employment law(s), policies, and documentation procedures of the company change. It alerts all the employees regarding what’s new in the system. Furthermore, it also keeps a prying eye on the industry’s rules that your business belongs to. 

Collect form-based data altogether online

From time-to-time, it becomes important to take feedback from the employees about the workplace environment. Offline survey procedures can be challenging as the human resource department has to distribute survey forms, collect them separately, and investigate them. 

However, HRIS software by BENEFIT LEADER can do it for you. Besides surveys, HR department experts can also customize HRIS compliance features to create new surveys and search for specific responses/information. 

Calculation by Hours and Wages

One of the most appreciated features of HRIS software is automatic attendance and tracking system. To begin with, the HRIS attendance tracking feature allows all employees to sign-up. Once all employees have signed up, HRIS automatically tracks when an employee is late, due break, or working overtime. It also sends an alert to the HR head and the trainer (of the employee) to ensure that all employees work as per the company’s rules and regulations. 

Create performance reports and act accordingly!

At last, HRIS collects all the data, including:

  • How long an employee worked throughout the week?
  • How much revenue did he contribute?
  • Offboarding processes…
  • For how long does an employee enter for overtime?
  • How many leaves are taken throughout the month?

By inspecting all such aspects of performance, the company or HR department can make several decisions like an incentive per employee. 

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